Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management

Your reputation will most often precede your range of products or services, which is why we will ascertain that your reputation is constantly maintained. From rocketing you into the limelight to removing bad reviews, we can do it all.


Whether you are a new or an established company, your reputation is what brings in new clients and helps in retaining the existing ones. You always have to be extremely careful of protecting your reputation as ruining it could possibly lead to the total devastation of your brand and your company. However, when you hire a reliable and experienced online reputation management company, you can be sure that your reputation will be in safe hands.

The internet is not really a safe place, and you never know from where you and your brand could get attacked. There could be negative comments, bad reviews or even direct attacks on your company, which could steer prospective clients away. It is in times like this that you will need someone to handle the requirements of your corporate reputation management. Our team will work hard and ensure that all negative comments are removed, all the bad reviews are pushed down the ladder by positive ones and if there are any sites that could be malicious, they are eliminated.

With us, your brand will reach heights that you might have never even imagined!


Your reputation will always be something that precedes your actions, products or services, So start right now to design a brand new reputation for yourself with us.

Some of the main features of the services that we offer at Gainstrat include:

  • Keep a constant track on your brand
  • Monitor information about your company
  • Interacting with the target audience to figure out what is required
  • Enlisting websites, blogs as well as forums that could be related to your company and to your target keywords
  • Creating systems that allow for faster public relations and thus better reputation management in Canada
  • Creating profiles on social networks and forums, allowing for better interaction and faster sharing of information
  • Reducing costs by finding better methods and techniques to stay in touch with the target audience
  • Using SEO, SMO and SMM strategies, which are derived via analysis
  • Using the latest ORM tools and RSS feeds to ensure better results


When you hire Gainstrat as your online reputation management company Canada, you can have a range of services, we offer:

  • Solutions that are tailor-made specifically for your company
  • Options that are easy on your budget and work towards a positive image for your company
  • Comprehensive branding services>
  • Good control over Google rankings, by employing the best keywords
  • Removal of all negative comments and creation of positive publicity
  • Keeping in constant touch with your client base
  • Prevention of online frauds
  • Promotion of good content, in the form of blogs, articles and other posts

We employ time-tested, yet unique strategies that will ensure that your reputation remains untainted and as close to pristine as possible!