Customized CMS

Customized CMS

Develop high-quality browser-based user interface with customized CMS development.


Words can do a lot of things, including drawing an audience or a clientele to your website. The more people visit your website, the greater the chance of them gets converted into actual clients, which this eventually generates more profits for you! However, in order to make sure that your website attracts people and is always gaining positive attention, you need to hire a digital marketing expert to handle every aspect of your website, including the content.

While any writer could handle most of your content related needs, at Gainstrat, we will provide you with custom CMS or content management services, which will take your company to a new era of success!

Now, while many people would think customized CMS is a luxury, experts will tell you that it is perhaps the best way to stay on top of the game. With customized CMC you will not worry about maintaining separate software to upgrade your website, and, you will also be able to see new content, in proper categories, quite easily. A content management system is a perfect solution for companies, who have a large website and rely heavily on it, for their business.

To mark a separate edge for your business in the competitive online market, regular updating, and flexibility of websites are a major necessity. Customized CMS development helps to customize the functionality, design, architecture, and flow of your websites along with providing configurable editors for content organizing and updating. It allows you to select and implement your own CMS technology without changing website’s layout.


Gainstrat provides specialized customized CMS services for all kinds of websites and web development portals to help them publish a large quantity of content at multiple locations continuously. Our services help you to attain a comprehensive structuring and automating of your published content at different locations. We carry a vast experience in the usage and implementation of major CMS tools.

At Gainstrat, we are highly capable of offering the best custom CMS development as well as design services such as:

  • Totally customized solutions, with open source CMS, which allows for greater flexibility.
  • Solutions that are easy on the pocket and work well in all situations, including e-commerce websites.
  • Design, development and implementation are done at a rapid pace, to ensure a quick turnaround for our clients.
  • Clients get to choose from a range of CMS tools, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and others.
  • Ability to update and edit the content of all types, such as news, letters, banners, advertisements and so on.
  • Easy conversion of data into the custom CMS design of your choice.
  • All our solutions are custom designed and we will manage one or multiple websites for you, at any given time.
  • We will provide you with an interface that is extremely user-friendly and can be configured as and when required.
  • Customized editors allow for easier publishing of content.
  • Clean and understandable coding to facilitate highly accessible websites.


At Gainstrat, we offer the following services in the field of custom CMS website development:

  • Custom CMS development and integration
  • Customizing CMS themes and layouts
  • Developing web pages with CSS, HTML, JavaScript applications
  • Layout designing, custom programming and testing CMS functionality
  • Installation of plug-ins and add-ons
  • CMS services for shopping cart development, discussion boards, and intranet
  • Adding media to sites along with user management
  • Integration of enhanced security controls
  • Unified incorporation of all other applications with the new design
  • Usage of frameworks such as CakePHP and Zend
  • Developing customized PHP/ based content management system
  • Managing newsletter, news, events, banner advertisement, polling and traffic to name a few
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