Take your website and business into the next generation, with our iPhone app programming solutions.


When the first Apple phone was launched, not a lot of people would have expected that it would take over the world by storm. So, it comes as no surprise that almost all companies are looking at methods by which they can win over potential clients who use iPhones or iPads. However, a regular website might not work properly on these devices, which is where Gainstrat steps in.

Choose to hire an iPhone app developer from our pool of experts and you will have an application that would prove beyond your imagination. Not only will it be able to wrangle a new set of clients for your business, but also ensure that your regular clients are able to enjoy the mobile version of your range of services and products.


Everyone wants to collaborate with the best company in the domain. With the range of features that our services encompass, it comes as no surprise that a growing number of companies are choosing to utilize our team for their iPhone app development needs. The traits include:

  • An experienced team of professionals, who are known to create unique solutions, in accordance to the specific needs of the clients.
  • Apps created in a manner that they work across platforms and specifically with iPhones.
  • Ability to create apps based on specifications such as location, lifestyle, and utility.
  • Ensuring all apps are user-friendly and easy to navigate, as well as a tweak at later stages.
  • Complete quality control, ensured by proper testing and analysis.


If you too are looking to develop a new application that works well with iPhones or is simply looking at converting your existing website to make it more iPhone friendly, hire us for your iPhone application development requirements and let us assist you all the way.

Some of the WordPress solutions we offer are:

  • iOS4 (for iPhone 4, iPhone 4G, or iPad), Android 2.1, Windows 7 Mobile and also the new versions of BlackBerry
  • Socket communication and Bluetooth
  • GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Games, social media and maps
  • Web service (SOAP/REST API) and Ad – Server
  • Online shopping carts as well as payment gateways such as Google Checkout and Pay Pal
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